BIRD bracelet
BIRD bracelet

BIRD bracelet

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Elastic bracelet made of semi-precious stones 6mm, a perfect gift to have fun or to offer a positive touch in the life of someone close to your heart!

Citrine is a stone full of positive energy, it promotes joie de vivre and attracts self-confidence and success! It allows each person to shine in their own way to be the best version of themselves. At the physical level, it relieves digestive problems, allergies and eating disorders.

The zebra jasper brings a feeling of security. It is also a powerful stone to stay motivated and focused, to fully experience the present moment rather than thinking about what needs to be done later.

Jade is a semi-precious stone of luck, protection and abundance. It attracts peace, harmony, positive thoughts and helps you focus on what you want to accomplish. At the physical level, it strengthens the immune system.